Friday, December 28, 2007

My Friend the Low-Key Prophet

I got to be honest... I have great friends. The people that surround me are straight-up amazing. Quality exudes from within them all.

One of these friends of mine is gifted in many areas. He never has a harsh word for anyone and is always positive. He has a knack for encouraging others to become better at what they do, and loves to connect people (is he starting to realize I'm talking about him?). He desires to make things look good (he definitely knows it's him now) and can be found here.

But the thing I have realized most about James Kingsley these last years is that he has an uncanny ability to look down the road and see where the Church and society in general is going. Though he would never think this about himself, he is very much a prophet for us at Lambrick/the Place.

Many of the things that are cropping up in today's world Jimmy has been talking about for years. A number of the changes and moves my wife and I have made in our lives have been the result of conversations started by this great guy.

If you are interested in some of his thoughts, then I suggest you check out his blog (which is forever linked in my sidebar to the left). In particular, you should check out his recent post where he discusses his predictions for the new year. Though some are on the not-as-serious side, many are short write-ups of thoughts movements Jimmy K has seen making the move in Western society. I most appreciate his thoughts recorded in points 2-4 and am excited about the idea of fruit trees (useful) becoming the new ornamental trees used by municipalities/cities everywhere.

In a season where toasts are common, I want to lift my glass to my good friend, and unsung prophet of Victoria... the one, the only, Mr. James Kingsley. Thanks for bringing us the word.



James Kingsley said...


thanks for the kind words my friend! it's always a blast bouncing ideas off you...and i'm glad you enjoyed the predictions! see ya sunday night?

The Renegade Librarian said...

Deet, you couldn't be more right about Jimmy the K! The guy is totally money and one of my fave people ever--especially considering that he is the closest thing I have to a twin (temperment wise, other than the fact that he's nice and I'm a jerk). Keep the blog love flowin' yo!

Anonymous said...

Unlike Jeremiah, he is a smiling prophet.

P.S. - Personally, I prefer the photo with James riding the unicorn.