Saturday, February 16, 2008

A True Saint

This man is one of my mom's favourite's. It is a long video, but it has many bits of wisdom (and some humour too) that I thought valuable to share. Thank you Randy for sharing it with me.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

An Intentional Love

As St. Valentine's holiday invades our lives, I think it reasonable to write about the seeming centre of this day: LOVE.

Prior to this day, I asked myself, "what love language does my wife appreciate the most?" It's been a constant source of conversation in our household as we continually think we have her pegged, but it's never as certain as we want it to be. Because of this, it has allowed me to venture into a thought that I want to share with you all:

The best expression of love, is the intention you put behind it.

As I ponder what makes my wife feel the most loved, it's always been the thought that I put behind something. It's the love and care and time behind the act of service or gift that she most appreciates. It must be evident in the act itself, but pre-thought and consideration will almost always prove your love more than the act.

I'm sure the authors of "The Five Love Languages" and every other relationship book explain this better than myself, but I feel as though this is valuable for us all to hear: it's not what you do for your spouse, it's how you go about doing it. An act of love is only as loving as the intention that goes into it.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A Letter to the Editor

Because of my recent 35 Under 35 all-Star status (penned by some close friends - goofballs!), I have had the benefit of receiving a complimentary annual subscription to ChristianWeek Magazine. As one of the sponsors for the Canada's 35 Under 35 campaign, I do not wish to slag this magazine and I'm actually quite impressed with some of the writing and pieces that they do. I've also had the opportunity to grow a friendship with Doug Koop, their Editorial Director, whom I admire and promote as a man who embodies God's love and Christ's grace. He's also someone who is always wanting to grow and reach out beyond the current status quo.

That is the reason I want to bring this aritcle to my readers. I won't say more here, but I am preparing a Letter the Editor to question and guard the magazine against such an article. It speaks about the word 'missional' and specifically targets 'missional churches'. As a magazine that wants to build bridges and encourage Christians across Canada, I suggest this article does more to polarize this magazine from many of the forward thinking Christian youth of Canada.

Please take a read for yourself and let me know if I'm off my rocker. I'd love to hear your thoughts, as I may include them in my Letter to the Editor. Or, maybe you can write one yourself.