Monday, June 16, 2008

Enjoyed the Chat - Thanks

Well I just got off the 'phone' (Skype) with two of my favourite people who I miss dearly. JL and I were able to video chat with James and Hil out in the land of the London. They've had some interesting stories already which we got to hear and are settling in nicely in the Kingsley household. Thanks for the chat friends and I can't wait till next time.

One story they told us was about their recent adventure with Malcolm at Canada's Wonderland. I can't wait to go. But here's some video of the ride they went on. I hope you enjoy it. Usually I don't endorse video with bad language but this is both understandable and worth it. Wait for the 1:17 mark. Hilarious. You can also get actual good video of this 'Behemoth' once the video is done and there's similar videos listed.

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