Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Ironman Challenge

A new challenge. Music to my ears.

Friends of mine work for Young Life, and recently I asked how I could support them in their upcoming fundraising effort. It's the Ironman Invitational Golf Tournament on June 23rd. And even with late notice, they said the best thing I could do was to... well, GOLF! (and no, it's not miniature despite the picture)

They say it's not easy. 100 holes in one day. They say your body will ache. 5.45 rounds in 12 hours. They say it's a challenge to not take lightly.

I say... BRING IT ON!

I am so excited to be able to help support Young Life by being a part of this amazing fundraising opportunity.

However, you might be asking yourself why I, a church Youth Pastor and eager Camp Imadene supporter, would be fundraising for Young Life... Well, there's lots of reasons. So since this is my blog, and I can say whatever I want, and since many of you have been begging for action for awhile, I'm gonna tell you. If you don't care, just skip to the last paragraph.

Reasons why I, Andy, am a strong supporter (and now fundraiser) of Young Life:
1) Young Life is a great ministry. No questions asked. They have a heart to reach teens for Christ, to seek them out in their world, and to lead them to new life. What's not to support?!

2) I have a many good friends who volunteer and work with Young Life. In particular, Rob Priestly and Jon Blaney, both work full time and count on other's support for their entire paycheque and ministry costs. So I want to support them as friends.

3) My church, Lambrick Park, supports Young Life with funds. More than that, we are partners with them in the Lord's ministry. Even more than that, most Young Life Victoria staff and volunteers go to Lambrick Park (the Place) and therefore their work with YL is in many ways a ministry of our church.

4) Taking the previous thought further, I see Young Life as in integral part of my model of youth ministry. I focus most of my energy on churched youth, those who have already realized the reality of what God has done for them. My hope is to walk alongside them as they seek to allow Christ to be the Lord of their lives, as well as walking alongside their parents in supporting and bringing up their children to love and serve God the best they know how.
However, Young Life works in a different way. They aren't looking for church kids. They are seeking out those who do not know God. They go to where the students are (mostly their schools), meet with them, and through the kids friendships start building a relationship that will one day prayerfuly see those individuals change their lives for the sake of Christ.
Young Life and Lambrick work in a partnership of Youth Ministry. Sometimes we send those (young) adults who are interested in outreach-focused ministry to Young Life to serve as leaders. When kids become Christians, they start coming with their friends and leaders to the Place to enter into a community of believers and some start coming to our youth groups or Bible studies or leadership development programs. Basically, it's a wonderful relationship where we can support and help each other and work alongsode each to see God's Kingdom furthered. Who can argue with that!

So that's basically why I'm doing it. Plus, it'll be a great time to hang with some wonderful Young Life staff, leaders, and kids, as well as a time for me to hang with some of my own kids (my caddies).

If you can, I'd love to have you partner with me as I take this 100 hole golf challenge. The point is to raise funds. My friends who work for Young Life have to earn every penny through support that they run their ministry on and get paid by. So every dollar counts and will help me reach my goal of $1500. Please sponsor whatever you can.

You can go to this page to make online donations by credit card. Otherwise you can email me or just drop a toonie in my pocket. Donations over $20 will be receipted for tax purposes.

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Anonymous said...

Good to see you posting again, buddy... and great post, I might add. As an old youth pastor myself, I can wholeheartedly affirm your posture toward this ministry.