Friday, March 26, 2010

Some Thoughts

Good Stuff
- A friend passed on this post by Donald Miller, which not only struck me as wise insight but also relating to the recent talk I just gave at The Place. Check it out if you want advice on how to make positive changes in your life, character, or faith.

Bad Stuff
- I spent last week up island with my family, reading and writing a sermon. I didn't have internet. It was a connection that I missed, but was also thankful for the time away to not be distracted. In the weeks (months? year?) before, I had spent less time on Facebook, only going on to check messages and write back to people. Plus the odd status update that almost always related to work and inviting youth out to events. But this week, after a full week away, I for some reason have jumped back on full steam. I'm commenting on a lot of other people's status' and posts, and just wasting time. I need to stop. I think I'll take Donald Miller's advice above.

Undecided Stuff?
- One of the things I have been discussing on Facebook was the recent incident involving Victoria Police and potential excessive force used to quell a drunken downtown brawl. Police officers happened upon 8 men kicking and beating one unconscious man lying on the sidewalk. They immediately threw in the pepper spray to dislodge the group, and started rounding up the offenders. One cop in particular laid down some pretty big kicks and knees to force people into submission in order to be cuffed. I personally think that sometimes this technique is necessary. When there's a potential riot on their hands, police need to be able to use greater force to get the job done quickly. I do think that the one police officer went too far. But I think he barely over stepped what was necessary or reasonable. The kicks look too forceful. The knees a little too quickly administered after the warnings. But again, I do feel that this behaviour is not over the line in some circumstances. Whether he deserves some time away from the job and some anger management courses is no doubt. But some are calling for assault charges and are heavily angered by this use of force. I disagree.
Here's a link to a recent story talking about use of force and the fact that police officers are actually trained to kick and punch under some circumstances.

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