Thursday, March 25, 2010


Last Sunday I spoke to about 300 people at The Place regarding Luke 18. I focused on the parable of the 2 praying men (pharisee & tax collector), the babies being brought to Jesus, and the rich young ruler. My main points were:
  1. Jesus calls us to let go of anything that hinders our ability to hold on to Jesus completely (can't grab hold with both hands if your hands are full of cash or toys or...).
  2. We can do nothing to earn our way into the Kingdom of God. Nothing. Jesus says babies are our best example, and I think that is because they can't try to do anything. They just receive care. They feed off of their mothers. They do nothing of their own accord except to cry for help. We too often TRY and prove our own merit and value to the Kingdom, and Jesus calls us to just bring our dirty nasty serves and cry for help. That is it. Our best efforts of proving our worth are just attempts anyways, as they'll never be good enough. Come to Jesus with yourself and He'll do what is impossible for us to do. Can we do it? Can I do it?
If you want to read or listen to the whole thing, then you can grab it here.

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