Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A Wonderful New Life

After hiding it from the world for a painful two months, we are now allowed to tell everyone...

That Jennie-Lynne and I are pregnant!!!

We are so excited for this new life adventure. We have no idea what challenges and excitement it will bring, but we are so thankful that we get to walk down this road together. It's going to be so fun!

Already, only 14 weeks in, you can feel life changing. I immediately became a new man, or at least a changed one. I started giving away books and releasing long-collected items in order to make room for the new baby and the mountain of baby stuff we'll collect. I look at the world differently now, knowing that I'll have a baby to protect from it. (confession warning) I am feeling desires to buy and do a number of things before my life completely changes and my freedom and bankbook are inhibited.

But what's most cool is the new emotions and feelings that start stirring inside of you. The pride you feel in your baby-growing wife. The joy of being able to be part of a miracle. The new attraction to a changing pregnant Jennie-Lynne. The parts of your heart awakening for the first time (JL's words) when we heard the heartbeat of our child.

We just can't wait. It is truly an amazing journey that we are on and we want to prematurely thank all those that will be cojourners with us and support us through all the joy and pain of parenthood.

I'm gonna be a daddy!


Anonymous said...

Sheesh!! I get emotional just reading about it! Imagine when I see the little one for the first time!!! I CANNOT WAIT!!! My turn next!! I am so so happy for both of you!!

Anonymous said...

You need to update your About Me from " I am not a father yet, though I hope to be one soon." Even though the babe is unborn, you are already it's father!!!