Friday, December 17, 2010

An Update

Well everyone knows I am not the best blogger. Too much other stuff to do, and facebook provides a far easier way to spread the news. However, I think this blog is a great place for more extended updates, and I've got news to share, so here goes!

Leilani is now 2.25 years old! It has happened so fast, with lots of fun and challenges along the way. She is a darling little girl who surprises us daily with a new word, phrase, or action. My favourite over the last couple months was when she came out of the bathroom after a couple minutes alone, with mommy's makeup on either side of her mouth and dotted on her nose, saying "cat!" She had dressed up as a cat for Halloween, and a week later, decided she wanted to do it again. So cute!

Although it seems like boring news, this area of my life has changed quite a bit lately. In September, the insurance for my bike was up, and because of a lack of funds and a maxxing out of our credit, I had to park Ebony indefinitely. Without my motorbike, I had to switch to using my bicycle more often. I enjoyed that most days, though the rain can be annoying. However, both JL's and my bike got stolen a couple weeks ago :( So now I'm back to my main transportation option from 2003: my longboard! If you see me humming along, make sure to give me a honk!

I'm done!! Well, not completely, but kind of. I have completed all my classes and have only my thesis to finish. It seems like not long ago I was writing my pros and cons list for some education options up here on this blog, and now I'm just a few months from being done it all. Just 18 months after starting my Masters at UVic, I'm already at this stage. I really can't believe it. Jennie-Lynne has endured a lot to make this happen, and I'm so thankful for her support. I also want to thank all those friends and family members that have sacrificed Andy-time to help make this happen. It's been a huge blessing in my life, so thanks for your prayers as well!

So this is the really big news. I have decided that this is going to be my last year as the Youth Pastor at Lambrick Park Church. JL and I have thought about this for a long time, and we've decided that I will be resigning in June of 2011. We are really excited about the next season of our life, as our entire marriage has been wrapped up in life at Lambrick. It's been an amazing, 6.5 years, with so many blessings and challenges, but we feel it's a great time to make a change as the kids I started with who were in Grade 6 are now graduating. I am thankful for God's protection over the years, as many people leave ministry under worse conditions. We love Him, His Church, my coworkers, and the ministry. I will miss the youth and my youth leaders the most, but if we find a job in Victoria we'll remain a part of LPC. I do hope to find a job working with youth in some way, but just not in a church right now. Again, I want to thank all friends and family who have prayed for us over the years, and ask for more prayers as we seek God's direction for the future. We are confident He has led us to this decision for a reason, so now it's exciting to see where He'll lead now.


Anonymous said...

good one, good one. happy you have some time to be able to write (something other than papers, thesis, or emails). so excited for your next chapter. so proud of you for so much. however, especially at this time, you know this but, i am absolutely thrilled for your taking this step and with no 'tangible' safety net. awesome.

AJ Renton said...

Thanks sister!

I'm excited too, and thankful to have proud family members such as you :) We'll see where life leads!

The Renegade Librarian said...

Thanks for the update, Deets. I diggit.

Sarah said...

Im digging the updates...and the picture of us in Vancouver!!
- girl in picture next to darcy... haha