Friday, August 8, 2008

Since You Don't Want to Play...

Well it seems that only 2 people read this blog. I guess I overestimated with 4.

Since I've received no feedback comments (thanks to Sarah Pee and DLC for their comments) of people attempting their thoughts of my creations, I guess I'll just leave that one and move on to a new subject.

And I do realize that I recently (months ago) put up a post that many asked me to respond to with my own thoughts. I will do that. Sometime.

However, tomorrow (or Sunday :D ) I will put up some thoughts I've been having regarding my own personal and ministry focus on Jesus. It centres around the question of how well I actually know Jesus and how I could possibly bring Him to youth if I don't.

For today, I'm gonna leave it (and this horribly random post) to a congrats going out to our good friends Laura and Curtis Thiessen. Happy Baby-Making!!! Laura and Curt are the proud new parents of little cutie Ryan Matthew Thiessen (ya that's right, named after good ol' Uncle Matty). The baby boy was brought into the world yesterday at about 2:00 PM and weighed an astounding 9lbs 5ounces!! JL and I are so excited for our friends and for our own adventure to come in 4 weeks. And let me just say, we're gonna beat that 9 pound mark too!!

We're praying for you friends.


The Renegade Librarian said...

I read your blog too, Mr. Youth Pastor! It's just that you give me so little to comment on because you pretty much NEVER POST. Fin.

JL Renton said...

Hey! For the record I DO read your blog and so do many other people who just may not want to comment. So there!

Cory said...

Yo, methinks that not all your readers can necessarily post comments all the time :P

I always look forward to your posts.

Anonymous said...

Just came across your blog tonight - I think it's great! Thanks for your terrific work with all the kids.

Anonymous said...

hey hey! I read your blog too!!! : ) And I really really Hope for JL's sake that you do NOT beat that record!!!!